Why My Real & Simple Problem-Solving Is Not Better Known

Why is it such a tough sell?

The good news about real and simple solutions is that they work and cost nothing or next to nothing to use. That’s what keeps them from being used more. Ironic!

Example: If people would realize that the best way to get and keep a normal weight is to copy the way naturally slim people use food, here are the bad consequences: 1) People want to believe that their weight problem is beyond their control and that therefore they are blameless; if they were to use The Marshall Plan for Lifelong Weight Control (my book) or my current Guide for Overweight offered on this website, it would work, and their years of excuses blaming their metabolism, their heredity or their bad luck would be down the drain, and they would have to be responsible for their results, past and present. Not acceptable to most people. 2) Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers and all diet plans would largely be put out of business over time, and weight loss surgery wouldn’t be needed… a multi-billion dollar weight loss industry would be ruined over time. So, what do these sellers of weight loss diets, foods and surgeries do? They don’t want to know or tell the truth. Instead, we hear and see only them and their products on TV. They can afford to advertise to keep making big money. I can’t economically compete with them with the truth I know, which includes my own long-lasting 35 pound weight loss to the high 140’s.

Another example: If all narcotic addicts were to realize that the only reason they continue to believe they need narcotics is because getting “high” relieves the pressure that comes from not telling people whom they trust what they are unhappy about. Once they agree to try telling people what is making them angry, disappointed, upset, sad, etc., the pressure is relieved and they no longer believe they need narcotics and are easily weaned off them. But the Methadone clinics that sell that legal narcotic to addicts who want to stay out of legal troubles, would largely go out of business, so I was fired by one of those clinics when they found out that a couple of patients had learned the above real and simple solution from me and had gotten off Methadone. Also rehab and detox centers would mainly go out of business, because detox, which is costly and miserable, doesn’t work long term, and the repeat usage of detox makes those centers lots of money. So none of the “regular” treatment places and people would dare help spread the truth about my real and simple solution. I can’t afford to advertise my solution to properly compete and get the truth known.

Another example: If all people facing divorce were to use my 45-minute plan to resolve their issues, at no cost for that session, most divorces would not be needed, families and marriages would mainly stay together. But the divorce attorneys, psychologists, family counselors, and psychiatrists would all lose money, so none of them would want information about my real & simple solution to get known, and I can’t afford to advertise it beyond this website.

Another example: My book, Jump-Starting America, makes the case that the War on Drugs only keeps the profits high for sale of illegal drugs, whereas making those drugs available legally and at low prices to addicts until they are able to become drug-free, would reduce the crimes associated with drug dealing, with all the deaths and robberies, and the imprisonment of millions of drug users and sellers. Drug Lords who would agree with my real & simple plan for ending the illegal drug problem, could be given amnesty in return for them going out of the drug-selling business. They could then go into legal and safer businesses such as operating resorts, including legal gambling where permitted, without the risk of losing their accumulated wealth, or of beng imprisoned or killed. This real & simple plan that could work is not an easy sale, because people are afraid of changes, even when they are likely to be good for them.

One last example: If many thousands or millions of people were to read my book, The Peace Prescription, which led to my being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, those people would see that my five step plan to minimize violence and war works, as it did in Myanmar, and that negotiating, bargaining, trading, and making deals is far better than violence, with severe injuries and deaths, and destruction. But, if my real and simple solution were to be used, the defense industry in all countries would begin to be less profitable, and many others who profit from violence and war would have to find other ways to be economically successful. This is another example of my not being able to afford the costs to get my book better known.

Are you daring enough to try to use one of my real and simple solutions foe a personal problem that you, or someone you care about, has? If so, you can go to the Home page and click on Guides or go the Store page. One Guide is $9 or get as many Guides for different problems as you want for $15. Problem-solving Guides include subjects such as alcohol abuse, smoking, relationships of all kinds, insomnia and nightmares, career-building, winning in sports and contests, and getting wealthy. You can click on The Peace Prescription to order that book. Jump-Starting America is available on Amazon, as is The Peace Prescription, and The Marshall Plan for Lifelong Weight Control.

All the best to you, and thank you for reading this Blog.

Dr Ed Marshall, your friendly Problem Solver.

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  1. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d most certainly donate to this outstanding blog!
    I suppose for now i’ll settle for book-marking and adding
    your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to fresh updates and will
    talk about this website with my Facebook group.

    Talk soon!

  2. I want to tank you DR ED for sharing this benificial experience with us, I foud it reely helpful and hope giving ….
    I want to try it my self, but since I’m living in Algeria I’m wondering haw can I get this surgical glue, is it available to buy it on line?

    1. Mari,
      Sorry I had trouble getting notified about comment messages sent to me, such as yours. If you still need the information,
      yes, you can order the surgical glue on Amazon.com.
      Dr Ed

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