Edward M. Marshall, MD

This is the book that led to Dr. Ed being nominated for the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize! It tells five things that ordinary citizens can do, everywhere, to help prevent violence and wars.

Example: The book explained how the deadly violent civil war in Myanmar (aka Burma) could be ended, and shortly after the book was published in 2009 and a blog was posted about the plan for Myanmar, the book’s plan began to be followed, and civil war violence went from severe and extensive to hardly any, and there is now more democracy and peace there!

Check out the Blog page on this website to see Dr. Ed’s plan for bringing peace to the Middle East and to sects of the Islamic population who have been suffering from violence against each other for centuries!

Or, you can purchase the book on Amazon, for Kindle, or order a hard copy on Amazon or on this website! See how to totally control bullying in our schools, how to be at peace with yourself, and with your spouse. And, find out the five steps needed to prevent violence and wars.

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