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  • Get What You Want for Your Life Quickly by Email Contact with Dr Ed

    I’m Dr Ed Marshall. What is the most important thing you would like to change about your life?
    Tell me by email to For a $20 fee per email, and you’re unlikely to need more than 3, and even 1 email could be enough. You can also use this email system to tell me about the problem of someone you care about and want my coaching on how to help that person.

    I’ll email you back with my coaching advice based on years of successfully helping people solve personal issues.

    Do you wish you didn’t need narcotics? Or alcohol? Or tobacco? Or excess food? Do you wish you had a good career? Better income? A better relationship with yourself, with a spouse or romantic partner or with any family member or friend?

    You can choose to purchase my inexpensive BEST System guides, that are not lengthy reading, or you can get right to the point quickly by email.

    Yes, I’m a problem solver, but you have to want the problem solved in order to use the solution to make it happen. I will be acting as your advisor to solve any problem, not as your medical doctor.

    To solve any problem, all of us have to name the problem, say what we would rather have for our life, say when we are willing to start on that road, and name the first step we will take and when we will take that step.

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  • The BEST System for Solving Personal Problems

    This 10-page intro will be emailed to you for FREE just by clicking on Get it Free and ordering it. It is free whether or not you order any of the Guides below.
    BEST stands for Belief Enrichment and Substitution Training. It’s Dr. Ed’s amazing self-help method. What we believe about anything determines what we do about that subject, and what we do, or don’t do, determines the results we get. So, if you don’t like the results you’re getting, such as with a relationship, your weight, your dependency on smoking, drugs or alcohol, your career, or any other personal issue in your life or in the life of someone you care about, see how the BEST System works with this free introduction! Dr. Ed has helped people avoid divorces, lose weight, stop smoking, get off drugs, and so much more just by people using The BEST System! Dr. Ed has lost his extra 35 pounds by adopting the beliefs that naturally thin people have about eating… no diet, no drugs, no surgery! The BEST System is a self-help system you can use to solve any personal issue. Try it once and you will know!

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  • Dr. Ed’s Guide For: Achieving Maximum Self-Love

    Have the self-respect, self-esteem, and self-confidence you need in order to have love you can share, and to show yourself and the world what you can accomplish. A fulfilled and complete life requires fulfillment of our three basic emotional needs: Self-Love, Shared-Love and Self-Expression.
    Your self-love level can improve from the first day you read these 8 pages.

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  • Dr. Ed’s BEST System Guide for: Becoming a Non-Smoker

    When Dr. Ed first wrote “The BEST System” book, the editor in New York told him that she had stopped smoking by the time she had edited the chapter on stopping smoking. No drugs or gum. No other costs. Use this 10-page GUIDE to keep your health from going up in smoke.

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  • Dr. Ed’s Guide for: Becoming Wealthy

    If you, or someone you know, really wants to become wealthy, this 9-page GUIDE tells the beliefs that people have who got wealthy without inheriting it. These beliefs are what are needed to become wealthy, and this GUIDE can coach you to get there. No seminars or classes needed. No other costs.

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  • Dr. Ed’s Guide for: Solving Alcohol Dependence

    This 10-page GUIDE shows the beliefs that create alcohol-dependency compared to the beliefs that that non-alcoholics have, and how you, or someone you care about, can adopt those beliefs to solve the problem.
    No need for meetings, rehab or detox centers. No other costs

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  • Dr. Ed’s Guide for: Winning and Enjoying Sports, Games, Contests and Coaching

    No one wins every time. But why not use this 9-page GUiDE to see what the best winners tell themselves, what they believe, that gives them the best chance to win?

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  • Dr. Ed’s BEST System Guide for: Coping the BEST Ways with Situations and Feelings

    All of us have difficult times in our lives with stressful issues. Knowing how to cope well to manage those issues and to manage our stress in healthy ways is vital and valuable. This 9-page GUIDE can build that ability.

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  • Dr. Ed’s Guide for: Successful Careers

    Why not copy how people who have built successful careers have done it?
    This 11-page GUIDE can be the coaching you, or someone you care about, can use to get there.

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  • Dr. Ed’s Guide for: Shared-Love Relationships, Marriage & Romantic Love Rehab, & Parent/Child Relationships

    Why not be able to develop or save a marriage or to truly improve other family relationships? This 25-page GUIDE can coach you to success with the same methods Dr. Ed Marshall has used to help so many people.

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  • Dr. Ed’s Guide for Overweight: Becoming a Normal Eater

    Dr. Ed studied lifelong slim people and found the secret of “normal eating”.
    No surgery, drugs, dieting, calorie counting, or food restrictions needed to have a normal weight. Never go hungry. Always eat what you want. Dr. Ed lost 35 pounds himself this way. This 12-page GUIDE can give you results.

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  • Enjoying Self-Expression

    Self-Expression is showing yourself and the world what you can accomplish.
    It is one of the three essential emotional needs, along with self-love and shared-love, in order to have a complete, satisfying and fulfilled life. This 8-page GUIDE can help you or someone you care about to get there.

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  • Dr. Ed’s Guide for: Ending Insomnia and Nightmares

    If you, or someone you care about, uses medication or alcohol for sleep, and if you or they believe they can’t sleep without such chemical help, this 5-page GUIDE can help end that problem, and can help prevent most nightmares.

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  • Dr. Ed’s Guide for: Ending Narcotic and Other Drug Dependence

    While Dr. Ed worked in a Methadone clinic, he learned how narcotic addicts come to believe they “need” their drugs. People who believe it’s not okay to talk over their issues, that cause them stress, with people they trust, often find that narcotics relieve that pressure. This 12-page GUIDE shows how Dr Ed’s coaching can help you, or someone you care about, solve this. No rehab or detox center, and no other costs needed!

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  • All Guides

    Get all Guides from Dr. Ed for only $15. These include:

    • Introduction to The BEST System
    • Guide for Becoming a Non-Smoker
    • Guide for Becoming Wealthy
    • Guide for Ending Alcohol Dependence
    • Guide for Ending Drug Dependence
    • Guide for Ending Insomnia and Nightmares
    • Guide for Enjoying Self-Expression
    • Guide for Maximum Self-Love
    • Guide for Shared-Love
    • Guide for Successful Careers
    • Guide for the BEST Coping
    • Guide for Winning
    • Guide for Overweight- Becoming a Normal Eater

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  • About Anal Fissure Care and the Use of Surgical Glue to Close the Fissures to End the Pain and Bleeding

    The purpose of this “HELPFUL INFORMATION” is to assist you in obtaining the healing of an anal fissure, which can be a very painful and even lifelong condition.

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