Saving Homes and Loans

The HELPPR™ (“helper”) Patented Loan Modification Plan Prevents Home & Loan Losses, and Can Lead to Profits for Both the Borrower and the Lender/Loan Owner!

Under our new company name Loans That Help, we are a member of the American Association of Private Lenders. Lenders can be licensed to use the Patented and Copyrighted loan modification plan at NO cost, and only need to pay a low royalty fee for each use of the plan, either to modify existing loans that are in trouble, or as part of new loans that protect against future defaults, short sales and foreclosures. Safer new loans are easier for lenders to securitize and sell to investors, and safer loans also attract investors in the first place.

Borrowers will also be more likely to get their loans from our licensees, because they will see that in case of trouble making their loan payments down the road, they are unlikely to lose credit, or lose their properties to short sales or foreclosures.

With the HELPPR™ Plan, which stands for Home Equity for Loan Principal & Payment Reductions, the lender or current loan owner becomes a part owner of the residential property that secures the loan, in exchange for a reduction of loan principal, which lowers the monthly loan payments as needed to make the loan affordable to the borrower. After an agreed upon time frame, such as 1 to 5 years, when the home is sold or refinanced, both the lender/or current loan owner, and the the borrower/home developer are likely to profit on their respective percentages of the property each owns. Otherwise, both would have lost money, and investors to the private lender would not be nearly as happy.

Go to the website to become a licensee, or call me, Edward Marshall, at 310-528-4392, or call our marketing director, Alex Marshall, at 310-528-1098, for more information or for licensing. The fee for loans, either new or modified, using the HELPPR™ Plan, is $100 for loans up to $100,000, and $150 for larger residential loans. The licensee then splits that fee, normally to be collected from the borrower, with Loans That Help, as the licensing royalty fee for using the Patented and Copyrighted Plan. We will provide licensees with the suggested Copyrighted verbiage to be aded to the loan Note documents. So, using the HELPPR™ Plan costs the licensee nothing. If the borrower cannot afford either the $100 or $150 fee, the lender can lower the fee in half and then simply forward that entire half to us as the royalty usage fee.

Private lenders who are also members of the American Association of Private Lending can deduct the royalty fee, to be paid to Loans That Help, by 20%!

The HELPPR™ Plan is Better than Any Other Loan Modification Plan!!!

Only the borrower/homeowner, has the right to sell the home, or to lease it. The lender/or current loan owner who becomes a part owner once the HELPPR™ loan mod has taken effect, is not responsible for the maintenance, insurance, or property taxes for any portion of the residential property.
The lender/current loan owner can sell off their portion of ownership to investors.
Then, after an agreed upon time, such as 1 to 5 years, the borrower has agreed to buy back that percentage of the property either by selling the entire home, or by refinancing it based on then current market values. The idea is that when the real estate market improves over time, which is historically what happens, all the owners should benefit, and the lender/loan owner is likely to get back most or all of the lowered monthly payments, and may show a profit beyond that amount, based on their percentage of the property owned, and the then current property market value.

If you are a Private Lender, why not become a licensee at no cost? If you are a home developer/borrower, contact us or your private lender so that you can use the HELPPR™ Plan for your projects.
We welcome any questions or comments you may have regarding The HELPPR™ Plan.

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