Overweight is Due to Why We Eat, Not What We Eat

My many years as a doctor, and specifically my studying and interviewing lifetime normal weight people and overweight people, taught me
that the naturally slim people hardly ever eat for any other reason except that they feel at least slight physical hunger. They don’t eat because the food is in sight or on their plate, because it’s “time” to eat, because they are bored or under stress.

You can eat reasonable amounts of the world’s richest, highest calorie foods when you’re slightly hungry, and gain no weight, but even eating
“low calorie” foods when you’re eating for any other reasons will make you gain, and keep you overweight, if you do that regularly.

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If you’re able to train yourself to eat as described above, more power to you, and it will cost you not a penny.

I finally trained myself, permanently lost my extra 38 pounds, and I eat the foods that I’m in the mood for, but only for at least slight hunger the vast majority of the time. It works! And, it’s permanent as long as you keep doing that. There are other healthier ways to manage your stress and boredom, other than using food, alcohol, tobacco, drugs or anything else that’s not healthy or good for you. Try exercise, sports, hobbies, talking things over with trusted friends and family. Don’t hesitate to tell people you trust what’s bothering you, if you are willing to hear what’s bothering them.

So, if overweight is an issue for you or someone you care about, tell yourself, or that person, that it’s not what we eat, it’s why we eat that makes the difference.

All the best to you! I’m acting as a life coach, not as your doctor. Please see your own doctor if you need one.
Your friendly problem solver,
Dr. Ed