Is the Inspiration for

PRESS RELEASE: August 6, 2015

Is the Inspiration for

Want to get self-help guidance from a website so you can solve your legal problems quickly and easily? Most Internet users go to these days.

But where do you go to get quick self-help guidance for solving your personal problems?
There’s a new website in town, or actually in cyberspace, that claims to do exactly that., which is part of the website, offers low-cost Guides for personal issues for finding romantic love, losing weight, and building a career, to overcoming alcohol and drug problems, and becoming wealthy!

Just as LegalZoom was started by top attorney Robert Shapiro, DrEdSolvesIt was launched by physician Edward Marshall, MD, a Board Certified Internal Medicine specialist. Dr. Marshall has extensive experience helping thousands of people with personal problems, and has written books on those subjects.

Imagine solving a stressful marriage relationship problem that could have led to divorce, for just $9! No counseling visits required, and if all goes well, no divorce attorneys needed.

Imagine losing weight without dieting, drugs, special exercise, or surgery, for $9, or getting the self-help Guides for all personal issues, about a dozen Guides, for $15?

The Guides are instantly emailed to the purchaser! No waiting, no shipping and handling costs. There is also a free Introduction to The BEST System on the website.
The BEST System stands for Belief Enrichment & Substitution Training. It’s Dr. Ed’s coaching for self-help for solving personal problems, and is based on the fact that what we choose to believe determines what we do or don’t do about any subject.

Suppose you believe your building is on fire. You get out right away, whether the building is really on fire or not. If you don’t believe it’s on fire, you may very well stay in it, even if it is on fire.

This connection between what we believe and what we do, and the results those beliefs and actions get us, are the powerful underpinning for helping everyone solve personal issues.

Go to, also reachable by, for a personal self-help site like no other! And, according to Dr. Marshall, was his inspiration for the site.