Good Human Values Matter

If you strongly believe that killing people is a good thing based on religion or any other source, chances are you either already are or will become a murderer. If you strongly believe that murder is wrong, you are very unlikely to kill anyone. Exception: If you believe murder is wrong unless it is absolutely necessary for self-defense of your own life or of the lives of those you believe you should protect, then you will murder when you believe it is necessary for those purposes.

If people have beliefs that we agree with, we often refer to those beliefs as “human values” or “good human values”.
If we disagree with those beliefs, we would call them “crazy” or “evil” beliefs, and we are unlikely to refer to them as “human values”. The people who follow those beliefs are generally considered to be committing criminal behavior.

Over the millenia of human existence, legal systems, police, military personnel, religions and philosophers have
been involved in promoting “good human values”, with the behavior that follows those beliefs, and have strongly opposed the “evil” beliefs and behaviors.

Fortunately, the vast majority of people tend to agree that killing that is not clearly in self-defense is wrong.
Some people quote religious “commandments”; others would attribute their beliefs, or values, to other sources, or to multiple sources, including life experience, the influence of parents, teachers, and some would credit certain philosphers, religious and/or political leaders.

Human values can refer to many other subjects, such as taking care of your health and your life, helping other people, not stealing, being faithful to and valuing family, and on and on.

So, most of us have our own sense of “right and wrong”. What is important is that it is our own beliefs that determine our values, and those beliefs and values largely determine how we live, what we do and what we don’t do, and the results that we get for our own lives, and results that can affect other people.

If we are parents, most of us believe we need to somehow help our children to develop and hold “good human values” that wil work well for their lives and for the people in their lives, and for their communities. Religious leaders and other community leaders, as well as teachers, often play major roles in helping children and others to hold
beliefs that can be called good human values.

We all know of people who have committed crimes, and later changed their beliefs about “right” and “wrong” and went on to lead lives that most of us would attribute to improved beliefs and values.

There are so many causes for people not having the beliefs and values most of us believe in. It is critical for all of us, in my opinion, to notice people who, for whatever reason, are a dnager to themselves or others. In some cases we may be able to help those people.

But, as I point out in my book, The Peace Prescription (available on Amazon), we need the Peace Law, in America and everywhere, that would allow anyone to report seriously dangerous people to law enfocement so that such people can be evaluated before they kill themselves or others. This would allow our courts to order evaluation medically and psychologically of such people, quickly, and based on the findings presented to the court, the person can be released if not considered an imminent danger to themselves or others, or could be held in an appropriate facility for treatment, and for the safety of the community, until such time as a court can determine the safety of the relase of such persons. Of course, the detained person should have the right to legal representation throughout.

I’ll never forget, in my early doctoring days, the young man who was in the hospital for paranoid schizophrenia,
who believed that Nazis and the FBI were after him and that he needed to kill them before they killed him. Who knows who he would have thought was a Nazi or an FBI agent that he had to kill. Medical tests showed that he had pernicious anemia, which is caused by severe vitamin B-12 deficiency. That condition can cause a paranoid condition. After two or three injections of Vitamin B-12, this man’s paranoid schizophrenia was gone as though it had never existed. He seemed totally normal and was released from the hospital. He would just need one shot of B-12 monthly for the rest of his life. Imagine the horror that could have happened had he not been in the hospital for evaluation.

Consider writing your State elected legislators and your US Senators and Congress people to work to pass a Peace Law
that will help the afflicted potentially dangerous people before they do their killing. And, consider getting your own copy of The Peace Prescription to see all of the Five Steps to significantly reduce and prevent violence and war. The book can be ordered from The Peace Prescription page on this site. Imagine if the Virginia Tech massacre and so many others had been avoided with the use of the Peace Law that is so badly needed.

If you hold “good human values”, you will likely want to promote them, and we all can do that.

Thank you for your attention to this Blog.
Your friendly Problem Solver,
Dr. Ed Marshall

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