Dr. Ed’s HELPPR™ Loan Modification Plan Saves Homes & Loans

I’m Dr. Ed, and I can’t help coming up with solutions to all sorts of problems. It happened again when I was so concerned about the millions of Americans losing their homes, their credit, and in some cases, even their marriages and their lives by suicide or murder-suicides caused by the stress of it all, just a few years ago.

And that’s not what happens only during the recessions we get at least once a decade. There are short sales and foreclosures going on all the time. In the last recession, and in previous ones, lenders, and those who have purchased loans from lenders after they are made, lost enormous amounts of money on those loans. The whole economy was devastated. All homes became worth way less.

Yes, there has been an excellent recovery in home prices. But, there are short sales and foreclosures still happening, and I finally developed the HELPPR™ (“helper”) Plan to solve the problem, and got a US Patent on it in 2014. You can read about it at SavingHomesandLoans.com.

The plan avoids most short sales and foreclosures. In fact, the only ones it can’t prevent is where the borrower is unable to pay the monthly mortgage loan payment even after it is reduced
by 40% or more by the modified loan. And lenders or current owners of the loans, not only don’t lose money from those short sales and foreclosures, they, as well as the borrowing homeowners, stand to make money, in most cases, over the next few years.

“How is that possible?”, you may ask. The plan works by the borrower selling a portion of their home, at its then current value, to the lender/loan owner, in exchange for that credit being used to pay off a significant portion of the principal owed on the home loan, after being used to pay off any default amount. With the modified loan, the borrower only pays interest on the smaller, reduced loan, so those monthly payments go way down! Then, after an agreed upon time, such as 2 to 5 years, the borrower buys back the portion of the house sold to the lender, at the new currently valued price. That is done either by refinancing or selling the entire home, when the time is right during those years after the loan modification. If home prices have gone up, both the borrower and the lender will make money on their owned percentage of the property, and the rest of the old loan is paid off by the new refinancing loan, or by the sale of the entire home.

Simply amazing! And, how do you get started using the HELPPR™ Plan? Go to SavingHomesandLoans.com and start the process. It’s too easy! Everyone, and the whole economy, wins! Borrowers don’t lose their homes or their credit. Loan servicing companies can attract more business and make their work so much easier by getting licensed to use the HELPPR™ Plan; and lenders and investors in home loans can have gains instead of losses.

Thank you for your attention to this blog.
Your friendly problem-solver,
Dr. Ed

6 thoughts on “Is LegalZoom.com the Inspiration for DrEdSovesIt.com?

  1. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d most certainly donate to this outstanding blog!
    I suppose for now i’ll settle for book-marking and adding
    your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to fresh updates and will
    talk about this website with my Facebook group.

    Talk soon!

  2. I want to tank you DR ED for sharing this benificial experience with us, I foud it reely helpful and hope giving ….
    I want to try it my self, but since I’m living in Algeria I’m wondering haw can I get this surgical glue, is it available to buy it on line?

    1. Mari,
      Sorry I had trouble getting notified about comment messages sent to me, such as yours. If you still need the information,
      yes, you can order the surgical glue on Amazon.com.
      Dr Ed

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