The Community Health Association Plan “CHAP”

Community based and owned, CHAP, the Community Health Association Plan, can provide healthcare for all Americans at the lowest costs ever seen. Obamacare can be voted to no longer be enforceable, and over about 2-years, with citizen support and the support of elected officials, CHAP could become the best and most affordable care ever, with no government cost or regulations.

Congress: Pass The Peace Law NOW to Prevent Violence

It should be a felony to seriously be intending, planning, preparing, and/or recruiting to commit violence against any person or persons for any reason. That’s not freedom of speech. The Peace Law should be passed by Congress now to protect all against violence whether by guns, bombs, knives, strangulation, beheading or any other method.

Could North and South Korea Become One Nation?

Korea was a single unified and mainly independent country for centuries until that all changed starting in the early 20th Century. Can North and South reunify? How? Other equally “impossible” peaceful results have happened. Check out the Five Step Plan Dr. Ed Marshall, author of The Peace Prescription, proposes for Koreans.