Overweight is Due to Why We Eat, Not What We Eat

My many years as a doctor, and specifically my studying and interviewing lifetime normal weight people and overweight people, taught me that the naturally slim people hardly ever eat for any other reason except that they feel at least slight physical hunger. They don’t eat because the food is in sight or on their plate, …

The Community Health Association Plan “CHAP”

Community based and owned, CHAP, the Community Health Association Plan, can provide healthcare for all Americans at the lowest costs ever seen. Obamacare can be voted to no longer be enforceable, and over about 2-years, with citizen support and the support of elected officials, CHAP could become the best and most affordable care ever, with no government cost or regulations.

Decrease Illegal Narcotic DEMAND, Not Just SUPPLY

Trying to decrease the supply of illegal narcotics without decreasing demand will lead to higher prices of drugs, more crime needed to make the illegal drugs affordable for addicts. Addicts can learn that talking out their stress, their anger, disappointments, sadness and other negative emotions, leads to not needing narcotics for relief.