About DR. ED

About Dr. Ed: Dr. Edward Marshall’s Career Highlights

  • Accepted by and began at UC San Francisco School of Medicine at age 19.
  • Captain, US Air Force Medical Corps; served as interim Chief of Medicine at Strategic Air Command HQ, Vietnam War.
  • Private medical practice as Board Certified specialist in Internal Medicine.
  • Chief, Medical Service at VA psychiatric hospital; treated veterans with post-traumatic stress, addictions, etc., combined with physical ailments.
  • Clinical Instructor in Medicine and Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA.
  • Helped train medical students, interns, and residents.
  • Treated personal problems, including obesity, smoking, alcoholism, narcotic addiction, relationship problems.
  • Nominated for the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize based on his book, The Peace Prescription (see below).

Doctor Ed’s Career Empowering People to Solve Their Personal Problems, has included…

Weight control: Besides holding sessions with cruise passengers on the QEII to let them know how to go on cruises, enjoy the great food, and not gain any weight, Dr. Ed has helped hundreds of patients lose thousands of pounds in his medical practice. A few patients lost about 100 pounds each – no surgery. Houghton Mifflin, the major publisher, published his book “The Marshall Plan for Lifelong Weight Control”, available on Amazon.
People with high blood pressure and diabetes were able to lose weight and have normal blood pressure and normal blood sugar levels with no more pills or insulin needed.

Smoking: Besides the New York editor who stopped smoking by the time she had finished editing Dr. Ed’s chapter on stopping smoking, he has helped many others to become non-smokers.

Drugs: Working in Methadone Clinics, Dr. Ed was able to help narcotic addicts to believe that they no longer needed narcotics by adopting the belief that it is okay for them to express and discuss their negative feelings with trusted people in their lives. This is the normal way to ease tensions and pressures without narcotics. These patients then weaned themselves off Methadone. They could do this because they had adopted the beliefs held by those who do not use narcotics and who have no use for them except for severe pain, such as after injuries or surgeries.

You get the idea about Dr. Ed. Now you can get his written Guides so you can help yourself the way so many others have. Click here to see more about Dr. Ed’s Guides that coach people for self-help for of all kinds of issues.

Two of the Books by Dr. Ed:

  1. Dr. Ed has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for 2015, based on his book, The Peace Prescription. Dr. Marshall presents five steps aimed at controlling the pathological behavior of starting violence and war. People everywhere can participate in helping take those steps. The idea is to manage violent behavior, before it occurs, by effective prevention. Two examples of the needed steps are: truly managing bullies at an early age; and, making it illegal – as a public safety issue – to seriously advocate or plan initiating violence or war. The Peace Prescription tells how we can go from constant violence and wars, to a generally peaceful environment. Dr. Ed’s plan in the book has been followed to markedly reduce the Civil War violence that raged for years in Myanmar, aka Burma.
  2. Another book by Dr. Ed Marshall is Jump-Starting America: The Grass-Roots Revolution, which tells how thousands of people at the grass roots can, and are, favorably influencing education, crime and drugs, health care, and much more. The book exposes the failure of the War on Drugs, and points the way to much needed grass-roots efforts, such as getting Congress to legislate for Drug Regulation rather than total legalization or illegalization; and starting a Community Health Association Plan for health care. The cartoons and quotes in this book are so entertaining that they alone make the book worth having!

You can click here, Dr. Ed’s Books, to see how to get them.

Contact: To request Dr. Ed for speaking engagements, radio and TV interviews, and journalist interviews, kindly email your inquiries to EdMarshall@ThePeacePrescription.com